K9 Web Protection: A watchdog that won’t chew on your shoes!

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Home page of K9 Web Protection on your computer

Last year, a friend came up to me and asked if I know any software that would help protect his computer while his son is browsing the internet. I told him to install a third party firewall on his computer, and I said that the firewall would be enough to block websites with bad content. And then I remembered that his computer was not that “fast”. So putting that third party firewall will definitely hog some memory.

And then I stumbled upon this software that I think will be perfect for his computer.

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How to create a shortcut for Google Chrome Incognito Window

Google Chrome Incognito Window

I’ve posted 2 weeks ago about Google Chrome’s Incognito window. One of Google Chrome’s feature where you can browse the web and it won’t save any history of the sites you visited and your username and password of your account.

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Malwarebytes – A free spyware and malware cleaner


There may be a time when you were using your computer, and you’ve noticed that it was a bit slow in responding, booting up or just lagging. Well it could be that a “Malware” is inside your system.

You could’ve picked it up while you were playing your favorite flash game, or while you were reading an article somewhere and you accidentally clicked an advertisement, saying that “Virus Alert” or “Your PC is Slowing Down?”.

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Keyboard Test

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The Aqua Key Test window

No, I won’t be posting a video of a keyboard being slammed on a wall or a living person (though I would love to!) just to test the keyboard’s durability.

Instead I will be sharing a tool that will test the KEYS on your keyboard.

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Private and Incognito Mode

A friend once went on line at a computer rental shop. After she was done, and left she realized that she forgot to log out from her email account. She went back and asked the operator if she could log off from her account. Fortunately for her, no one sat at the computer after she was done.

Forgetting to log off or log out from your account is one of the mistakes when going to computer shops or when using “other” people’s computer.

The good news is, two web browsers have a feature that you can use when you want to surf the web and don’t want to save your information..

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